About Merilyn

Brisbane Contemporary Artist and Photographer Merilyn focuses on the surreal and abstract in her oil paintings, interpreting vibrations in live painting experiences, large video installations and plays with immersive tools to create visceral and emotive stories for audiences.
She is an artist by heart and healer by nature as she explores the connection to the divine in her work as well as what it means to be alive.

With a Bachelor in Creative Industries she has a background in Design, Fashion Photography at Paris and London Fashion weeks, fashion and music photography with Getty Images Australia, and has explored remote villages in Lao with the Red Cross. 

Merilyn uses her artistic and energetic gifts as an art facilitator and NeuroEnergetic Kinesiologist to produce unique community based art workshops for the public, kids and people with disability. 
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Art Instructor 

Australian Artist and Art Facilitator Merilyn runs art classes for adults, seniors, kids and people with disability. Merilyn creates a fun, non-judgemental and nurtured space allowing freedom of expression for individual creativity. Book a session here